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Weekly News

Happy Friday!


Good afternoon, Grade 5! Our adventures took us to the aquarium, into our research, and finishing with our winter art gala and concert! Grade rocked the concert! Bravo!

 Who knew petting starfish and performing a winter concert could happen in the same week? 


I have a request. We will be examining multiplication and division with fractions. I am looking for cooks, chefs, or restaurateurs who would be willing to speak to our class about estimating food portions, planning and ordering food (how it works) , and their experience working in a kitchen or restaurant. Connections to real world applications is better than just dry math. 


Speaking of math, we will have a math assessment on multiplication, rounding, and word problems next Thursday, December 7th. Please check in with your child regarding their multiplication facts. 


If you know or can recommend anyone, please let me know (Andrew Hernandez


Thank you and have a great weekend!


Most sincerely,

Mr. H

Reading Workshop

Learning Objective: To sort information into appropriate categories. 

Summary: Students continued their research on their sea creature. Students turned in their Works Cited page. All work is completed digitally and can be accessed on Google Classroom.

Writing Workshop

Learning Objective: To research and categorize their information by topic (ex. Adaptation, prey, food, lifespan). 

Summary:  Students began their Save Your Creature research. All work is completed digitally and can be accessed on Google Classroom.


Learning Objective: Review rounding with place value up to 100, 000 and review multiplication strategies (standard and area model). 

Summary: Students completed lessons 2 and 3 using Zearn, IXL, and our math centers.

Social Studies & Science

Learning Objective: To understand why fish tanks require cleaning compared to a natural pond. 

Summary: Students discussed and examined how natural decomposers maintain ponds compared to fish tanks.


Reading – 20 minutes 

Math – IXL D8-9 – Multiplication and Word Problems

LA – IXL LL1 Identify Personal Pronouns

Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 7 – Math Assessment

Wednesday, December 13 – Save Your Creature Project Due


Vocabulary Theme Fashion Week 14 – 

Bracelet, casual, disguise, earring, fashion, jewelry, leather, mask, necklace, satin, sleeve, sweater, uniform, velvet, zipper

Dear Fifth Grade Community, 

I am excited to welcome you to 5th grade at Busan Foreign School.  We have an exciting year ahead of us.  To begin, my name is Andrew Hernandez, but I will go by Mr. H. This is my second year at BFS and my fourth year teaching 5th grade. I am originally from San Diego, California and consider myself a global citizen working and living in places like Egypt, Albania, and Korea. When I am not teaching, you will find me taking walks with my family, heading to the movies, or listening to classical and pop. 

I feel honored for the opportunity to teach your child this year. I truly enjoy working with fifth graders; this year is the culmination of elementary education. It is my goal for every child to reach their maximum potential socially and academically. With your support, we can ensure continuous collaboration at home and school. I will keep you informed on a weekly basis about fifth grade learning so you are in the loop of all the exciting learning experiences happening in our classroom. 

Please keep updated with any news from BFS and my newsletter to keep apprised of any important school matters or updates.  However, if you have any questions, concerns, or anything important you would like me to know regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Bloomz or by email I strive to reply to correspondence within 24 hours. 

Looking forward to an amazing school year!


Most Sincerely, 

Mr. Hernandez (Mr. H)

Andrew Hernandez – 5th Grade Teacher (

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