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Weekly News

March 13 – 17

Reading Workshop

Unit Goal: Students are continuing a Character Studies unit.  They will get to know the main characters as friends. 


Summary: We are close to wrapping up the unit. Students are discovering lessons learned in books and soon will learn how to compare/contrast books. 


Additionally, we are comparing realistic fictions, read aloud books, and our own lives to the characters.

Writing Workshop

Learning Objective: Students are learning how to write adapted fairy tales. 


Summary: Writers are working hard on adding to their adapted fairytales. They are incorporating descriptive language to enhance their writing. 


Currently, we are working on revising our writing, checking for any gaps, and grammar.  Next week we will start with editing and publishing. 


Learning Objective: Students are starting Module 5: Fractions


Summary: Mathematicians are applying their multiplication skills in fractions. 


Students did a fantastic job on their mid-module assessment. There is overall a big understanding of fractions and now we are approaching equivalency and how to represent them on a number line. Third graders are working towards conceptual development and pictorial representations rather than quick minute strategies.

Social Studies/ Science

Learning Objective: We are creating a business and becoming entrepreneurs. 


Summary: The last few weeks we have been working on our business plan. We started with market research surveys, building manufacturing plans, discussing a high quality product, and now we are deciding on the price. STudents are still continuing to build their products and we are collaborating with Makerspace to make it a successful market. 


After a few weeks, students are realizing how long the manufacturing process is taking.  They are working together to help each group out and still make high quality products.  


Reading for 30 minutes a night (K5 – Gr5) is strongly recommended. 

Practice 5 minutes a night for multiplication or division facts. 

Upcoming Events

Spring Break is approaching at the end of the March. 

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