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Weekly News

January 25 – 27

Reading Workshop

Unit Goal: Students are continuing a Character Studies unit.  They will get to know the main characters as a friend. 


Summary: We have continued to read James and the Giant Peach discovering the character traits of each of the silly characters! Students are increasing their vocabulary skills through words aligned with our curriculum and also practicing those new vocab words in their spelling. 


Additionally this week we are diving into character traits, predictions, and character changes.

Writing Workshop

Learning Objective: Students are learning how to write adapted fairy tales. 


Summary: Writers will go through the same basic writing process: introduce stories, brainstorm, draft, revise, edit and publish. Only difference is working through fairy tale writing.  


Additionally, we have started planning, rehearsing, and drafting adapted stories. Students will create at least 3 drafts before they publish their final one. 


We are finished our second draft and we are in the process of editing!


Learning Objective: Students are starting Module 4; Area and Perimeter. 


Summary: Mathematicians are using their multiplication and division knowledge to solve for area models using a square grid. 


Wow! I have to say that 3rd is having fun and finding it easy to work with areas and grids! This is all due to learning and practicing their multiplication. 


Also, we are starting with Math Madness for the next 7-8 weeks! Third graders have been practicing, reviewing, and working with multiplication since the beginning of the year. Everyone knows how to multiply! Math Madness is an opportunity for students to work on fluency. This means that students have to know their facts quickly! Half students are working on division facts and the other half on multiplication. Keep practicing at home! 


We are 1 more lesson and practice away from finishing this unit. Kids have really enjoyed working with space and applying their knowledge of multiplication. 

Social Studies/ Science

Summary: I introduced what it takes for a kid to become an entrepreneur. They are learning about creating products that are (as the kids describe it) safe, fun, interesting, yummy, and cool. 


Reading for 30 minutes a night (K5 – Gr5) is strongly recommended. 

Practice 5 minutes a night for multiplication or division facts. 

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