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Weekly News

Week 13- In light of World kindness day on Monday November 13th, our third graders created a chain of kindness for the classroom. They worked all week to demonstrate kindness and put into effect what it means to be a kind friend.

Reading Workshop

Learning Objective: Students will be able to find details to support the Main Idea of a text.

Summary: Students have been working on gathering details to construct the main idea of a passage. They have also been creating their own main idea and finding details to support their topic. Through work on Seesaw they are able to use

Writing Workshop

Learning Objective: Students will be able to add an idea to their fact to make their writing more interesting.

Summary: Students are now working to turn their facts into an interesting piece of writing. They are working on adding ideas of their own to their collected facts. Formatting it to make it easier to read.


Learning Objective:Students will be able to use their knowledge of estimation to solve mixed world problems.

Summary: Wrapping up this unit of measurements, the third graders are now able to estimate sums and differences of measurements by rounding. They were then able to solve mixed world problems.

Social Studies / Science

Learning Objective: Students will learn about different animal and their habitats

Summary: This week the third graders had fun with their Mystery Science packet. They worked in pairs to investigate different skulls and fossils to differentiate between carnivores and herbivores.


Read at least 20 minutes a day. Fill out the reading log (Mandatory)

Thought of a story? Jot it down in your writer’s notebook (optional)

Upcoming Events

November 20- ES Futsal Banner ceremony 3:15-3:30

November 22– Cross country at DIS

November 23- Thanksgiving at school

November 24- No School

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