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Dear Grade 2 Families,

Welcome to our Grade 2 class at Busan Foreign School! I am excited about working with

the Grade 2 children this coming school year to continue supporting them on their learning journey. My goal is to provide the most enriching and nurturing environment I can. For the children in our class who were enrolled at BFS in Kindergarten, I will be their teacher again as I taught them in Kindergarten two years ago. For the children who have joined BFS since then, I am very much looking forward to getting to know them also.

This is my third year teaching at BFS. Two years ago I moved to Korea from China, where I had taught in the elementary school at the International School of Beijing for the previous fifteen years. I have also lived and taught in San Jose, California; Vancouver, Canada; Singapore; and St. Paul, Minnesota. I am originally from Minnesota, where as a child I lived on a dairy farm which supplied milk to a farmers’ cooperative that manufactured cheese. My interests, in addition to education, include cooking, computers, books, music, walking, and swimming.

I will be involving your child in many different learning experiences aimed at further

developing language, reading, writing, and mathematical skills, as well as with exploring

concepts in science and social studies. In addition your child will work regularly with other teachers at BFS in physical education, design, library, music, visual arts, and language. I am looking forward to a stimulating and fun-filled year!

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me:

School E-Mail:

The student information form I am sending home in your child’s take-home folder on the

first day of school will help me get acquainted with your child and will help me understand your child’s individual needs and personality. Please complete the form at your earliest convenience and return it to me in the take-home folder.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year together with you and your child!


Mark Ehrke


This week in phonics we continued our work with isolating individual sounds, with blending sounds to make words, with segmenting words to hear the individual sounds in them, and also with manipulating phonemes in words by adding, deleting, and substituting sounds in individual words. We continued working with vowel teams (vowel digraphs with two vowels working together to make one sound).

Your child can watch these videos at home to review concepts covered at school this week:

Username:  GR2BFS

Password:  gus4us

Username:  GR2BFS

Password:  gus4us

Username:  GR2BFS

Password:  gus4us


In writing this week we continued our work with narrative writing. Thanks to everyone who is using their ‘tiny topic’ notepad at home and bringing it to school every to have available during writing time ideas they think of at home.

These are some of our content and language objectives this week in writing:

I am a detective when I re-read my writing.

  • I stop at the end of each page I write and re-read it.
  • I ask myself, “Does it say what I want it to say?”
  • I ask myself, “Does it make sense?” (spelling, punctuation, etc.)

I set goals for myself as a writer.

  • I can read my own writing and compare it to a checklist.
  • I can talk about what I am doing well in my writing.
  • I can talk about what I need to do to get better in my writing.

This week in reading we reviewed and practiced use of strategies and skills for figuring out words we encounter in our reading that are challenging for us to read:

When Words Are Tricky, Roll Up Your Sleeves!

  • Check the picture and think, “What would make sense?
  • Use what’s happening in the story.
  • Look through the WHOLE word, part-by-part (e.g., tam-bour-ine).
  • Look for a word inside a word (e.g., welcome   pill   tickle )
  • Don’t give up! Try something! Take a guess!
  • Reread and ask, “Does that sound right?”
  • Use vowel teams ask, “Would a different sound help?
    (e.g., Is the ‘ea’ in a word like the sound in ‘head’? Or is it like the sound in ‘bleach’?”)
  • Don’t just SAY the words, figure out what they MEAN too!

In math this week we worked on:

  • adding and subtracting like units.
  • making a ten to add within 20.
  • making a ten to add within 100.
  • subtracting single-digit numbers from multiples of 10 with 100.

For further information, please refer to the parent guide and tips for Module 1 that was sent home two weeks ago in your child’s take-home folder.

These content and language objectives have guided us this week in mathematics


I organize my math thinking to help me solve problems.

  • I can draw diagrams that help me solve addition problems.
  • I can draw diagrams that help me solve subtraction problems.
  • I can explain my thinking to someone else.

In social studies this week we continued learning about goods and services and started talking about ways we as a class might make things to sell to raise money for a worthy cause.



13 September


Spelling words for the week sent home on Monday.

Children should wear their P.E. uniforms today.

Morning Special:  P.E.

Afternoon Special:  Language


14 September


Morning Special: Maker Space

Afternoon Special:  Language


15 September


Please have your child return their ‘library book’ pouch with books previously checked out from the library.

Morning Special:  Library

Afternoon Special:  Music


16 September


Children should wear their P.E. uniforms today.

Morning Special:  P.E.

Afternoon Special:  Music


17 September


Friday spelling test for this week’s words.

Morning Special: Maker Space

Afternoon Special:  Art




Mon-Wed 20-22 Sep


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