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Weekly News

We will have PE on Wednesday next week, so please make sure your student wears their PE uniform then.

Reading Workshop

Learning Objective: Students will be able to… know and use various text features like captions, bold print, subheadings, glossaries, and indexes to read a nonfiction text efficiently.

Summary: We are continuing our second reading unit which covers nonfiction reading. Students will be learning about how to access informational texts using nonfiction text features and how to find accurate information quickly.

Writing Workshop

Learning Objective: Students will be able to… use an informational text to learn things about the world.

Summary: We will continue our second writing unit which covers informational writing. Students will be beginning new nonfiction books about nonfiction topics next week. They will continue researching their new topic and will write multiple chapters informational about it in their new informational books.


Learning Objective: Students will be able to…add and subtract up to 200 and solve word (story) problems up to 100. 

Summary: We will continue with our fourth math unit covering addition and subtraction to 200 with word problem solving up to 100. Students have been practicing different strategies for adding and subtracting multiple of tens and multiples of tens with some ones.

Social Studies & Science

earning Objective: Students will be able to… Use information to provide evidence that Earth events can occur quickly or slowly.

Summary: Students will be continuing the first Science unit which teaches about how some events in Earth’s history happen very quickly, while others occur very slowly, over a time period much longer than one can observe. We have also been learning about bodies of water, landforms, and maps.


-Reading for 20 minutes each night

  • Read to self (Epic, Raz Kids)
  • Read to someone
  • Listening to reading

-Reflex math fluency practice

Upcoming Events

December 1 – Winter Concert

December 20 – End of Quarter 2, 1 PM dismissal

 Dear Second Grade Families, 

I hope you had a beautiful summer with your loved ones and that you are looking forward to the start of the 2023-2024 school year. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year. Second grade is a year filled with fun, growth, learning, and connection and I am greatly looking forward to taking this journey with you. 

My name is Michele Underwood and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a focus in language and literature from Southeast Missouri State University and have been teaching internationally for eight years. This will be my second time teaching in Korea, and I have previously taught second and third grade in Chile, the US, and Colombia as well. This will be my second year at BFS and I love being a part of this wonderful, tight-knit community. When I am not teaching I love to travel, read, scuba dive, hangout with my cat, go to the movies, and try new restaurants. My passion for teaching lies with young learners and the excitement they bring to the classroom. It is my privilege to help them discover how special and capable they are throughout our time together.  

My goal as an educator is to build a positive learning environment where each child feels safe, secure, supported and enriched in their learning. It is important for students to know that our classroom is a safe space to make mistakes and take intellectual risks. I focus on educating the whole child and believe that academics is just one part of learning. I am looking forward to building strong connections with your second grade students this year. 

BFS is an outstanding community and I look forward to working together with you this year to support your child and their growth!  If you have any questions between now and the start of school on Monday, please email me at 
Thank you for your time!

Very respectfully,
Ms. Underwood

Michele Underwood  – 2nd Grade Teacher (

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