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Weekly News

May 29 – June 02

Grade 1 had a great week as we wrap up the school year. Here is what happened in the classroom:  

Reading Workshop

Learning Objective: Students can be a great partner reader.  

Summary: We were reminded how to be a great partner reader this week and helped one another grow as readers.  There were a few things students could do before, during, and after reading, even with a partner.


Before – Take a sneak peek, guess the life lesson, or give a book introduction

During – Think about what might happen next, reread to sound like the character, read with big feelings

After – Reread to see more, compare and contrast books, retell, or talk about the lessons


We were able to practice these skills with our Grade 6 Reading Buddies on Thursday!  

Writing Workshop

Learning Objective: Students can finish 2 final copies

Summary: During writing time we continue to work on our series.  Students complete their first draft using the paper with checklist.  After finishing, students are challenged to reread, edit, add on, and revise their papers.  After finishing, students may rewrite their stories on a Final Copy sheet.  The goal this week was for students to finish 2 final copy papers. 


Learning Objective: Students can identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  

Summary: We went back to US currency after our assessment last week.  Students were introduced to nickels and their value. We also reviewed the value of pennies and dimes. Students then completed math work related to coins.

Social Studies/Science

Learning Objective: Students can learn about a variety of topics.       

Summary: We started learning about the topics students suggested this week.  So far we have learned a little about rainbows, spiders, black holes, and how things are made. 


Please see HW Checklist

Upcoming Events

Please remember students should wear their PE clothes and PE appropriate shoes on PE days. Even if PE is on a Friday (which is normally casual dress day) students still need to wear their PE uniform.

Snacktime Reminder

Students perform better when they have good food in their bodies. Please try to send your student with a simple, healthy snack that they can enjoy in the afternoon.  This extra nutrition can help their brains and bodies do their best in the late afternoon and during after school activities.

Picking good fit books

Students will use this strategy for picking good fit books from our classroom library or “Book Nook”. This will ensure that they are reading a book that will challenge them, but not to the point of frustration.


I look over the book inside and out

Purpose – Students should ask themselves why they are reading a book.

Interest- Students should ask themselves whether they are interested in a topic, author, or theme.

Comprehension – Students should ask themselves if they can understand the meaning of the text.

Know – Students should ask themselves if they know MOST (95%+) of the words.

Helpful Resources

Bloomz  is where I will update parents on what’s going on in the classroom.  It’s a great place to see many photos and videos throughout the year so you can get a look inside our classroom.

Raz-Kids is where students will be reading each night. Students can read a story, listen to a story and answer questions about a story. Ideally students should do all 3 for at least one story a night.

Log in information coming soon.

Sumdog is a fun math game site. Students can practice their math skills while playing games, earning points, and competing against friends.

Log in information coming soon.

GoNoodle’s movement videos and games help to keep us moving inside the classroom. It makes it easy to be active, the kid way – silly, energetic, playful, and fun!

Counting by 1’s

Common core standard: Extend the counting sequence (Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120).

Counting down

We’ve been practicing counting down in preparation for subtraction.

Counting by 2’s

Common core standard: Add and subtract within 20 (e.g., by counting on 2 to add 2).


Common core standard: Add and subtract within 20.

Place Value

Common Core Standard: Understand place value


Phonics are the building blocks for literacy so we like to review with these videos.

Common core standard: Phonological Awareness

Sight word playlist

English Language Learners

These videos are for students that are just beginning to learn English.


Classroom Vocabulary

Actions Words 1

Action Words 2

House Vocabulary

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