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Friday, September 6th, 2019


The first three weeks have gone so quickly. We have continued with developing routines and with our learning.


Morning Meeting:

  • We continue to learn new greetings, songs, activities and ways to share.
    A greeting we learned this week is “ Here We Are Together” and a favorite new group activity is “Bluebird, Bluebird.” Ask your child to explain to you how we play it.
  • We practiced two different ways of working with partners. Sometimes we face each other sitting ‘knee to knee’ so we can look directly at each other to have a conversation and sometimes we sit ‘side by side’ so we can look at the same thing, like a book to read together.
  • We learned a procedure use to make a friend:
    Smile at someone.
    Say ‘hi!’ to them.
    Ask them to play with you.


  • This week in partner reading we added a fourth and fifth step.
    Sit beside each other.
    Put the book between us.
    ‘See-saw read’ together, alternating pages as we read.
    Share ‘Wow!’ pages with each other.
    Reread to learn more.
  • We read the book “The Little Engine That Could” and talked about the lesson in it of telling oneself when things seem hard, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” And applied it in our reading lessons, for example, “‘I think I can’ use picture clues on a page to help me read words I don’t know.”
  • We looked for patterns in books we read, of words that are the same from page to page.


  • We used the lesson from “The Little Engine That Could” in writing lessons as well, for example, “‘I think I can’ make a try at spelling unfamiliar words.”
  • We learned that before we start a new piece of writing, we look at our writing from the day before and ask ourselves, “Am I done? Can I add more details to my drawing? Can I add more details to my writing?” Before we take a new piece of paper and start a new story.
  • We worked on saying words slowly that we want to write, and stretching them out to hear as many sounds in them as we can, repeating this process over and over to find as many sounds as we can.

Word Work:

  • We continued practicing the ‘the vowel song’.
  • We worked on letter formation of 3 more letters that are related in terms of how they are formed, l, k and t.


  • We started developing a calendar routine to do every morning after Morning Meeting, talking about what day it is in the month, what day of the week it is, and counting stick for each day we’ve been in school. Since we have been in school now for more than ten days, we’ve already had to make a group of 10 so we could write the numbers 11 through 15, so we’ve started and talking about place value and tens and ones.
  • We continued work with classifying and sorting items into groups..
  • We continued practicing using the language of comparison.

Social Studies:

  • We talked about our families and compared the numbers of people in different families.
  • We also each made a chart showing all the member of our family.


  • Enjoy your Chuseok holiday! We look forward to seeing your children again ten days from now on Monday, September 16th.






Children should wear P.E. uniforms today, since they have P.E.

Morning Special:P.E.

Afternoon Special:Art


17 September


Morning Special: Computer Science

Afternoon Special:Language


18 September


Please have your child return in her/his ‘library book’ pouch today, the books he/she previously checked out from the library.

Morning Special:Library

Afternoon Special:Language


19 September


Children should wear P.E. uniforms today, since they have P.E.

Morning Special:P.E.

Afternoon Special:Music


06 September


Morning Special: Computer Science

Afternoon Special:Music


Mon 16 Sep

Thu 26 Sep
Fri 27 Sep


Parent Teacher Conferences (Evening)

Parent Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL)

Dear K-5 Families, 

Welcome to K-5 at Busan Foreign School! I am excited to be joining BFS as your child’s Kindergarten teacher this coming school year. 

I am very much looking forward to working with your child this coming school year. I want to foster a love of learning in your child. My goal is to provide the most enriching and nurturing environment that I can. 

I just moved to Korea from China, where I have been teaching at the International School of Beijing for the past fifteen years. I taught Kindergarten for most of my time in Beijing, but also taught Grade 1 there. Before Beijing I lived and taught in San Jose, California; Vancouver, Canada; Singapore; and St. Paul, Minnesota. I am originally from Minnesota, where as a child I lived on a dairy farm which supplied milk to a local cheese-maker. My interests, in addition to education, include cooking, computers, books, music, and swimming. 

My teaching assistant is Ms. Im. She is a native of Busan and is a graduate of BFS. She is also very much looking forward to working with our class. 

I will be involving your child in many different learning experiences aimed at developing language, reading, writing, and mathematical skills. In addition your child will work regularly with other teachers at BFS in library/media arts, performing arts, technology, and visual arts. It promises to be a stimulating and fun-filled year! 

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me: 

School E-Mail: 

The student information form attached will help me get acquainted with your child and will help me understand your child’s individual needs and personality. Please complete the form at your earliest convenience and return it to me in your child’s take-home folder. 

Ms. Im and I are looking forward to a wonderful year together with you and your child! 


Mark Ehrke

Mr. Ehrke’s email:

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