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Dear K-5 families, 

My name is Ms. Empson. I am very excited to be BFS’s K-5 Kindergarten teacher this year! I want to know ALL about your child, but first, I will tell you a few things about myself. 

I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia. I love to go back to visit and enjoy the Appalachian Mountains! I graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in education and child development. I went on to complete a teacher training program and earned a teaching license in Elementary K-6. 

This is my first year teaching at BFS. I moved to Busan from Istanbul, Turkey, where I taught for six years in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. I love teaching little learners because of the excitement they bring to learning new things! My interests, aside from education, include exploring new places, improv acting, and learning about the world.

Ms. Ji-Young is our class’s instructional assistant. Busan is her hometown. She has been living in the Philippines for the last 19 years. Ms. Ji-Young enjoys listening to music and watching movies. She is looking forward to working with our class and assisting in the children’s growth through the year.

Our goal is to build a safe and positive learning environment where students can develop a growth mindset to drive their lifelong learning journey. I want to work together as a team to make sure your child is successful this year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Ms. Empson’s email: 

I’m looking forward to an engaging, challenging, and fun year of learning!

Kind regards,

Rachael Empson

October 21st, 2021



  • This week during our Reader’s Workshop, we read a story called ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. It was a great opportunity for each of us to practice reading ‘snap words’ i.e., words that we can read in a snap (really quickly).
  • We learned that we all have ‘Pointer Power!’ We can use this pointer power to point under each word as we read. When we stop reading, there can’t be any words leftover or any extra words coming out of our mouths! If there’s a problem, we go back and reread, to make it match.
  • We realized that some words are much longer than others. Even if a word has many syllables we only point to it once.


  • This week in our Writer’s Workshop, we wrapped up our section on teaching books. We picked our favorite piece of writing to share with the class. We made our final changes to that piece. We took out any pages that don’t match and we added any last words or letters.
  • We had a chance to present it to the whole class by projecting it on the board and retelling our book. We were all so excited to share our books with our classmates!


  • This week we learned about vowels and consonants. We learned the short vowel sounds for A, E, I, O, and U.
  • We practiced reading word cards and sorting them by initial sound. We did a series of initial-sound sorts, first with toys all starting with the same sound then with cards with words starting with many different sounds.
  • We also studied our own names. We read it, counted how many letters, studied each letter (tall/short, vowel/consonant, upper case/lower case, etc), and clapped the beat (syllables). We manipulated letter tiles to explore our names even further. Then we practiced writing our names with the first letter upper case and the rest of the letters lower case.


This week we worked on:

  • comparing counts of 8 in linear and array configurations;
  • writing number 8 and 9;
  • drawing a counting path with a line to show the order in which we counted;
  • writing the total number;
  • circling a certain count of numbers; and
  • drawing circles in vertical and horizontal lines.

Social Studies:

  • During our lesson with our counselor Ms. A.-C., we discussed what it means to bully. Please see the other materials sent home today for more information.




25 October


     Morning Special:  Makers Space

Afternoon Special:  Language


26 October


Please have your child return their ‘library book’ pouch with books previously checked out from the library.

Morning Special:  Library

Afternoon Special:  Language


27 October


Children should wear their P.E. uniforms today.

Morning Special:  P.E.

Afternoon Special:  Music


28 October


     Morning Special:  Makers Space

Afternoon Special:  Music


29 October


Please have your child return their ‘library book’ pouch with books previously checked out from the library.

Morning Special:  Library

Afternoon Special:  Art



Fri 29 Oct

02-04 Nov

Thu 11 Nov

Fri 26 Nov

Halloween Celebration – Students may wear costumes to school.

Yearbook Picture Day

School Uniform Provider Visit

U.S. Thanksgiving Observed – No School

Ms. Empson’s email:

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