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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020



  • We continued this week on choosing a goal every day before we start our independent reading.
  • These are some of the sorts of goals that the children choose for themselves, based on the work we have done:
    • I use ‘pointer power’ when I read.
    • I read and re-read to understand the story better.
    • I read and re-read to make my reading smoother.
    • I sing what I read to help me read it smoothly.
    • I practice retelling what I have read after I finish reading.
    • I work on learning ‘snap’ words (words I can read without thinking about them).
  • If your child did not return their ‘take-home reader’ pouch today, please return it next Tuesday when school resumes.
  • Next week we will start a new reading unit ‘Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles’ in which we will continue to develop reading skills.


  • This week the children continued their focus on publishing their work, choosing one or two or even three pieces of writing they did over the course of our unit that they felt showed their best work. They did great work and really enjoyed reading them to their Grade 4 buddies on Wednesday.
  • Today we are sending home with the children the work they have been doing in the current unit on writing ‘small moments’. Next week we will start a new unit on writing ‘how-to’ books.

Word Work:

  • This week we worked on: generating words in families of rhyming words — -ad, -ill, -am, and -ick (As a class we are able to generate quite a large number of words. The children enjoy searching for as many rhyming words as they can find. The most we came up with this week was for -ill: pill, will, dill, hill, fill, ‘lil, Lil, Bill grill, krill, sill, spill, nil, gill, quill, till, still twill, shill, fill, til, skill swill, drill, mill, as well as a few made-up words: Vill, Zill, and yill.); developing fluency in identifying the beginning sound in a given word; blending the main part of a word (body) with its final sound (coda); identifying the medial (middle) sound in a given word; putting two phonemes together to create a word; breaking a word apart into its initial sound (onset) and the rest of the word (rime); adding an initial phoneme (individual sound) to a rime to create a word; deleting the initial phoneme from the rime in a word; and substituting the initial phoneme in a word with another phoneme.
  • The children focused on the letter ‘Ii’ this week with a puppet show, practice with letter formation, and making ‘Ii’ picture dictionary pages.


  • In our module ‘Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity, and Numbers to 10’, we continued working with symbols to show our thinking, representing objects with circles instead of needing to draw detailed pictures of objects. We also worked with the language of comparison (‘more than’ and ‘less than’) with groups of objects.



27 January




28 January


Children should wear P.E. uniforms today, since they have P.E.

Morning Special: P.E.

Afternoon Special:Music


29 January

Day B

Morning Special:Computer Science

Afternoon Special:Music


30 January


Morning Special:Library

Afternoon Special:Art


30 January

Day D

Children should wear P.E. uniforms today, since they have P.E.

Morning Special: P.E.

Afternoon Special:Art

Mon 10 Feb

Fri 14 Feb

‘100 Days of School’ Celebration in K5

Valentine’s Day

Dear K-5 Families, 

Welcome to K-5 at Busan Foreign School! I am excited to be joining BFS as your child’s Kindergarten teacher this coming school year. 

I am very much looking forward to working with your child this coming school year. I want to foster a love of learning in your child. My goal is to provide the most enriching and nurturing environment that I can. 

I just moved to Korea from China, where I have been teaching at the International School of Beijing for the past fifteen years. I taught Kindergarten for most of my time in Beijing, but also taught Grade 1 there. Before Beijing I lived and taught in San Jose, California; Vancouver, Canada; Singapore; and St. Paul, Minnesota. I am originally from Minnesota, where as a child I lived on a dairy farm which supplied milk to a local cheese-maker. My interests, in addition to education, include cooking, computers, books, music, and swimming. 

My teaching assistant is Ms. Im. She is a native of Busan and is a graduate of BFS. She is also very much looking forward to working with our class. 

I will be involving your child in many different learning experiences aimed at developing language, reading, writing, and mathematical skills. In addition your child will work regularly with other teachers at BFS in library/media arts, performing arts, technology, and visual arts. It promises to be a stimulating and fun-filled year! 

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me: 

School E-Mail: 

The student information form attached will help me get acquainted with your child and will help me understand your child’s individual needs and personality. Please complete the form at your earliest convenience and return it to me in your child’s take-home folder. 

Ms. Im and I are looking forward to a wonderful year together with you and your child! 


Mark Ehrke

Mr. Ehrke’s email:

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