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Friday, October 18th, 2019


Morning Meeting:

  • We continued working with our friendly greetings, sharing activities, and morning message, as well as our calendar routines. We wrote new words for our ‘Bluebird’ song that we act out on some days for our activity during Morning Meeting:

“Bluebird, bluebird, through my window,

Bluebird, bluebird, fly so high,

Bluebird, bluebird, over the rainbow,

Choose another bluebird to help you fly.”

Ask your child to explain to you how we play the game.


  • We have been reviewing and using all the strategies we know for figuring out unknown words.
  • One focus in reading this week has been on choosing ‘just right’ books for our book boxes: 

  • Another focus in reading this week has been on retelling. When finished with a book, we worked on seeing how much we can remember of the book after closing it. After saying what we remember, we open up the book again to check to see what we included and what we missed. Then we close the book again and retell again using more details and language from the book.


  • Our main focus for the week has been on using our writing time well. To do this we:
  • Get started right away at writing time by getting out the piece of writing we were working on the day before and re-reading what we wrote. Then we continue the planning and drawing and writing process.
  • Point across pages to tell what is happening on each page.
  • Finish drawing any pictures that aren’t done.
  • Plan the words to add to each page by saying the words exactly as we plan to write them and pointing word by word across the writing space saying what word we will write in each space (including saying ‘period’ at the end to remember to add the period).
  • Write the words one by one, using all the skills and tools that we have available to us – words we already know how to spell, words from our personal dictionaries, as well as figuring out words we don’t know how to spell by breaking them into their parts and writing down the sounds we hear.
  • When we are finally finished, we review our finished work to see if we are satisfied that we have told our story completely.

Word Work:

  • We continued working on rhyming, on identifying the first sounds in words as well as the final sounds in words, on blending sounds together to make words, and on isolating final sounds in words. Every day we also work on segmenting compound words into their constituent parts, deleting and substituting parts of compound words, and counting how many words are in sentences. We also reviewed the various sounds that letters commonly represent. Some letters generally only represent one sound (e.g, d, l, m, n) while other letters can represent more than one sound (e.g., a, c, e, g). 


  • We worked on identifying different combinations of numbers that make the same total.
  • We continued working on being able to identify the missing numbers in sequences such as “1, 2, __, 4, __, 6” and “__, 4, 3, __, 1, __”.
  • We worked on counting accurately.
  • We worked on adding one to another number and naming the new number.
  • We also worked on better understanding the connection between number bonds and addition sentences. Here is an example: 

Unit Study:

  • We explored how we are part of many different communities. For example, our family is one community, our class is another community, and our whole school is yet another community that we are part of.



October 21


Morning Special: Computer Science

Afternoon Special:Music


22 October


Please have your child return her/his ‘library book’ pouch today with the books he/she previously checked out from the library.

Morning Special:Library

Afternoon Special:Art


23 October

Day D

Children should wear P.E. uniforms today, since they have P.E.

Morning Special:P.E.

Afternoon Special:Art


24 October


Morning Special:Computer Science

Afternoon Special:Language


25 October


Please have your child return her/his ‘library book’ pouch today with the books he/she previously checked out from the library.

Morning Special:Library

Afternoon Special:Language

Quarter 1 Ends

Mon 28 Oct

Thu 31 Oct

Fri 01 Nov

Thu 08 Nov

Thu 28 Nov

Fri 29 Nov

Quarter 2 Begins


Report Cards Sent Home

School Uniform Provider Visit

U.S. Thanksgiving

U.S. Thanksgiving HOLIDAY Observed (No School)

Dear K-5 Families, 

Welcome to K-5 at Busan Foreign School! I am excited to be joining BFS as your child’s Kindergarten teacher this coming school year. 

I am very much looking forward to working with your child this coming school year. I want to foster a love of learning in your child. My goal is to provide the most enriching and nurturing environment that I can. 

I just moved to Korea from China, where I have been teaching at the International School of Beijing for the past fifteen years. I taught Kindergarten for most of my time in Beijing, but also taught Grade 1 there. Before Beijing I lived and taught in San Jose, California; Vancouver, Canada; Singapore; and St. Paul, Minnesota. I am originally from Minnesota, where as a child I lived on a dairy farm which supplied milk to a local cheese-maker. My interests, in addition to education, include cooking, computers, books, music, and swimming. 

My teaching assistant is Ms. Im. She is a native of Busan and is a graduate of BFS. She is also very much looking forward to working with our class. 

I will be involving your child in many different learning experiences aimed at developing language, reading, writing, and mathematical skills. In addition your child will work regularly with other teachers at BFS in library/media arts, performing arts, technology, and visual arts. It promises to be a stimulating and fun-filled year! 

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me: 

School E-Mail: 

The student information form attached will help me get acquainted with your child and will help me understand your child’s individual needs and personality. Please complete the form at your earliest convenience and return it to me in your child’s take-home folder. 

Ms. Im and I are looking forward to a wonderful year together with you and your child! 


Mark Ehrke

Mr. Ehrke’s email:

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