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Monthly Newsletter

December Newsletter

Dear K4 Families,

Throughout the month of November students in K4 inquired into what is a community space. Students explored different spaces within their local community, and the purpose of these spaces. Some spaces we explored were schools, hotels, playgrounds, and spaces for animals. We first started to explore the spaces around BFS on our weekly walks, and then took a closer look at the diversity of specific spaces all around the world. Students observed playgrounds, schools, hotels, and zoos that were both conventional and unconventional.

Through our weekly walks students became interested in the local cats that lived in the area, and the animals that visited the playground. Students were quickly drawn to the images of zoos from around the world. Through discussions, students decided to build a community space for animals, different from a zoo. The space they created allowed for animals to explore, meet up with friends, play and to even sleep in animal hotels. The space instantly became a “place,” when meaning was associate with this created space. The animal community continues to grow as students continue to add on each day and play.

We continued our weekly nature walks in November and students became fascinated with the animal houses that have been placed to help the stray cats of Busan. Students in K4 have decided to design and build a BFS Cat Hotel.  K4 will donate their cat hotel to the local community cats to provide them with a warm shelter over the cold winter months. Students in K4 displayed a clear understanding of the importance of community spaces and the architectural design of spaces for animals. They also demonstrated empathy and understanding of how people in a community care for each other and animals too. 

In literacy, this month we explored the sounds: f, b, j, z, v, y. We also continued to look at word families, and introduced structural elements of a book. In mathematics, we continued to explore shapes, numeracy, sorting, and had a strong focus on patterns. 

In December, we will complete our cat hotel and explore local community art. 

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