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Monthly Newsletter

October –  November  2022

Dear K4 Families,


October was a busy month in K4!  In October, students continued to inquire into light. Students created stories with light projections, reflections and shadows. Students continued to make light sculptures using translucent magnets.  K4 ended this unit with a trip to Museum 1. Students had a chance to explore the light installations, and become a part of the art through their interactions with light projections.


K4 students are always excited to go on their weekly nature walks into the forest. While in the forest we started talking about the different colors of leaves, and how they change. Students continued to explore the forest; looking for insects, and inquiring into the habitats of these insects. In October, students discovered a Praying Mantis and looked closely at the way it moved and looked under the magnifying glass. Students enjoyed watching the Praying Mantis on its journey through the forest. With the colder weather coming, students in K4 harvested the plants from our vegetable garden and made Pajeon.


This month we started our new unit on community. Students displayed an interest in the architectural structures of hotels, zoos, playgrounds, and schools. They experimented with building these structures using blocks. We will start to create our own community, and continue to inquire into the structure, function and purpose of these spaces.


During our weekly literacy centers, K4 explored the sounds of the letters: “d,g,o,u,l.” Students also looked at the “at” word family, and experimented with sounds to create words. Students continue to use their ABC Boom codes to experiment with print. In mathematic centers, students started to create their own patterns, explored 3D shapes in building, and describe sets of numbers.


In November we will continue to explore community spaces and architecture.


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