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At Busan Foreign School, our academic and curriculum work begins with our youngest children – three to five year olds in the Early Childhood program.

Led by our American early childhood specialist and assistants, children are provided with a range of group and individual activities and expectations that will lead to academic success in the future.

In adapting and using an American standard based curriculum, all students are given the necessary foundational curriculum underpinnings to learn how to read, write, work with numbers, and understand their world in more complex ways.

Socially, students are supported as they become more independent and they learn appropriate social etiquette as well as academics.

The end result of our program is that kids are ready and curious to learn more about the world they live in while making new friends at school.


The Pre-Kindergarten-3 school program offers a full day, developmentally appropriate pre-school experience for three and four year olds. Co-taught by our pre-school staff, our instructors adapt the integrated curriculum materials – Splash Into Pre-School by Houghton Mifflin – according to student abilities and the initial academic and social needs of children while at school.

Students are provided with opportunities to explore a wide array of learning moments while working with our specialists in music and art, and they are introduced to the academic world of social studies, reading, and math.

Students also physically engage in a variety of outdoor and indoor physical activities – learning the importance of cooperation and personal responsibility.


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This pre-school program – similar to our Pre-Kindergarten – 3 program – is a full day and socially and academically appropriate for all four and five year olds.

Children work with their instructor within the Houghton Mifflin Splash Into Pre-School curriculum, building on prior learning and delving into more challenging and appropriate opportunities in all academic areas.

Taking again an integrated educational approach, our staff and curriculum will prepare all students for their more formal K-12 experience.

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