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Busan Foreign School has completely redesigned and renovated our Early Childhood classrooms.  Our new classrooms have a very natural feel with lots of area and space for our students to explore.  

They are purpose-built learning environments.  These classrooms are the perfect place for our children to engage, explore and extend their learning.  Inspired by the work of Reggio Emilia, our new learning spaces promote learning and growth. They emphasize BFS’ commitment to providing the best possible opportunities for our youngest students.  

Our teachers are always looking to create the best learning environment. They routinely attend workshops and conferences to provide the best for our students.  We are proud of the work that they have done.  Every day in the early childhood students explore numeracy, literacy, art, music, and movement.

Our Early Childhood  multi-age program offers a full day, early childhood experience for three and four year olds.  It acknowledges and develops children’s natural curiosity and creativity.  Our teachers develop the relationships with students and between students to make learning happen.

Students explore a wide array of learning moments in literacy and numeracy.  Every day they develop creative expression through art, music and physical education.  Most importantly, they feel safe, secure and happy with their learning.  Early Childhood is the beginning of their wonderful journey at Busan Foreign School.

We invite you to come and see our new learning space and to meet the teachers and students who make BFS such a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Click the icon to view or to download a pdf version of the early childhood brochure:

BFS Early Childhood Brochure

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