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BFS’ Vision

We believe that all students, regardless of their financial or social standing, deserve an equal right to quality education.


BFS’ Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire each learner and provide educational services that nurture their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. BFS students are prepared to enter top universities worldwide and become responsible, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing world. Our ongoing commitment to intercultural understanding and a strong partnership of students, parents, and teachers allows us to achieve this in a caring and supportive environment.

Our students hail from 20 different nations.

They all feel at home at BFS.

SLOs stands for School-wide Learner Outcomes.

Busan Foreign School encourages students, teachers, and parents/guardians to work as a community of learners, fostering the traits of a true SHARK.

S-Socially Conscious: Be empathetic!

Socially Conscious students care about everyone.

  • Develop empathy and awareness for being inclusive of different opinions and experiences
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of various cultures
  • Demonstrate an ability to work well in individual and group settings
  • Demonstrate ethical social and academic behaviors

H-Hardworking: Do your best work!

Hardworking Learners do their best.


  • Formulate and pursue goals as lifelong learners
  • Value every life situation as a learning experience and embrace failure as a learning opportunity
  • Practice healthy personal, lifelong behaviors
  • Develop persistence and diligence to achieve quality work with integrity

A-Active Communicator: Be an advocate!

Active communicators listen and collaborate.


  • Communicate clearly and authentically in English
  • Develop confidence to actively communicate and share ideas
  • Listen and respond constructively when collaborating with others
  • Recognize unfairness and injustice and advocate for self and others
  • Engage and inspire positivity in peers

R-Respectful: Be Responsible for yourself and others!

Respectful Citizens are responsible for themselves and others.

  • Become responsible citizens with an understanding of respect and diversity
  • Care for the safety and welfare of self and others
  • Develop awareness and recognize a responsibility to stand up to exclusion, prejudice, bias, and injustice.
  • Exhibit self-motivation and self-discipline and accept individual and group responsibility

K-Keep learning: We continue to learn and grow!

BFS students have a growth mindset.

  • Make an effort for individual progress
  • Be adaptable and apply one’s experiences
  • Develop creatively, artistically, and athletically
  • Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to logically reason
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and apply learning to a variety of different contexts
  • Develop and apply problem-solving strategies to real-life situations
  • Be innovative by developing creative solutions
  • BFS Sharks apply knowledge and demonstrate understanding

At BFS the student of the month/quarter awards are directly linked to these SLOs.

BFS is thankful for the trust families place in us for the care and education of their children. We do not take this trust lightly.

We believe it is important to promote awareness of our students’ rights and protection within our school. Therefore, teaching and non teaching staff at BFS have a responsibility to keep our students safe from harm, and to report and respond to abuse effectively when it occurs.

We accomplish this via:

  1. The BFS Child Protection handbook for teachers and administration, which includes protocols, procedures and guidelines for anyone within the organization to prevent and respond to student protection concerns when they arise.
  2. Official Child Safeguarding training for its non teaching staff.
Child Safeguarding Recognized

BFS is a proud member of and officially recognized by this organization.

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