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Welcome to the 25th anniversary year of learning at BFS! Thank you for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we started the year with Level 4 social distancing requirements. We commend our teachers for their adaptability to engage in a combination of in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning. We were pleased to welcome back all of our students for in-person learning and after-school activities starting on September 6th. Ensuring that we can operate safely in person while following the KCDC protocols is our top priority.

Our caring, patient, and dedicated teachers provide many engaging learning activities for our students from Early Childhood through High School to ensure that they develop academically as well as socio-emotionally. Our schoolwide learner outcomes (SLOs) to become Socially Conscious, Hardworking, Articulate, Respectful, and Knowledgeable guide all that we do.

With students from many different nationalities, we embrace diversity as a strength by providing an inclusive library catalog; exploring music, art, literature, and history from around the world; and developing world language skills in Spanish and Korean. We strive for excellence through our rigorous curriculum, Advanced Placement (AP) program, student leadership organizations, and extracurricular activities.

As we approach the Chuseok holiday, we are so grateful for the wonderful team of operations staff, teachers, students, and parents that make BFS such a precious gem of a school. Parents, thank you for all you do to support our school community. We wish you all a safe, relaxing, and joyful holiday break. We look forward to a wonderful year. Together we will support students’ social and emotional growth, ensure a safe learning environment, and promote a culture of learning.

Ms. Lauren Harvey and Mr. Carl Brenneman
Elementary Principal  and Upper School Principal respectively

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