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First BFS Club Fair is a Success!

Many students at Busan Foreign School join clubs, especially athletic clubs, to make new friends and stay healthy. Earlier this month, the students of BFS gathered together to share their interests in an after-school activities and the first-ever BFS Club Fair. This fair was organized by Vice Principal Saunders, Communications Director, Vanessa Allepuz, and Mr. Wolcik, with the help of student members from more than 15 clubs in our school. Athletic clubs were quite popular at this club fair. Here are what the coaches and participants of cross-country, track & field, and soccer shared with us.

For starters, the coach of cross-country, Mr. Parada explained, “Cross-country running is about being fit for life. You can run by yourself your entire life. Hiking and running keeps you in shape and emotionally fit. This club is about making friends and working hard.” He also mentioned that absolutely no skills are needed: “If (I) can do it, you can.” If you are wondering whether or not this club is for you, the coach remarked, “On a scale of 1-10, 11 is how entertaining cross-country is because Parada is coaching it.” So yes, this club fits everyone. Moreover, one of the members of the club, Allie Elder Matthews in 6th grade said that she joined cross-country because she liked to run. “People should join cross-country because they might enjoy it without even knowing it,” she stated, “In cross-country you have to run up Jangsan Mountain and run to Haeundae beach. But it is okay.” As you can see, cross-country can appeal to anyone.

Mr. Wojcik, the supervisor of track and field, was able to answer some questions: “Track and field is a great way to enhance your persistence and athletic skills. There are many different sports within track and field that people can attempt. By participating in every meeting per week, you can become fit, as well as become more organized with time management.” If you want to have fun with your friends while exercising, this club is for you. Gahee Baeg, as a member of the club, shared her opinions: “It is a fun way to enjoy sports. I would recommend everybody to join.”

Are you curious about soccer? We asked Coach Mijares of the high school boys soccer team about what materials are needed to participate. He replied, “Shin guards, soccer cleats, and socks (are needed).» Coach Lee of the girls soccer team said that the club provides many opportunities to help build leadership, sportsmanship, and friendship. Soobin Bae, senior, confirmed, “Many of [her] best school memories were made while spending time on the field with [her] friends”.
If any of these benefits of joining athletic clubs appeal to you, talk to the coaches. Joining a sport is a great way to make your BFS experience more memorable.

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