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Dear Parents,

Paik and Dongnae Hospital have confirmed the first two patients in Busan with COVID-19.
As the COVID-19 situation is developing we have decided to move our Spring Break to next week.
This means school will be closed next week and in session during the week of March 23rd when Spring Break had been scheduled.

This is not a decision we take lightly, and while we have every confidence in the Korean Centre for Disease Control to contain the spread of COVID-19, the most prudent course of action is for students to minimize travel over the next few days.

The school will continue to monitor the situation. Should we need to keep the school closed after the break, you will be notified by Thursday, February 27th.
BFS is prepared to remotely provide the outstanding education for which BFS is known.
In the eventuality we would move to e-learning, our partnership with you, the parents, will need to be as strong as ever and we will guide you every step of the way.

I wish you a good Spring Break and remain available for additional information.

Warm regards,




Iain Macfarlane
BFS Principal

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