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This morning we celebrated the Early Childhood and Elementary Student of the Month. This is a very important moment for our students as they celebrate the school ESLRs (this month our Socially Conscious sharks) but also share videos and images of what happened during the last month.
And the winners are:
  • PK3: Akim K
  • PK3: Janie S
  • K4: Chloe K T
  • K5: Kamea J
  • K5: Janis P
  • Gr.1: Yunji L
  • Gr.1: Sofia M
  • Gr.2: Irene K
  • Gr.2: Alecia D
  • Gr.3: Maria Y
  • Gr.3: Alexa O
  • Gr.3: Sean B
  • Gr.4: Lyn L
  • Gr.5: Connie B
  • Gr.5: Luciana H

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