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This year’s prom was fantastic. Everyone looked so sharp out there.

The place was amazing as well. StuCo was already there setting the place up, then we greeted as others were coming in. This year’s prom was more diverse than before. Lot more guests outside of BFS. It just shows how expanding the community we are.

After people enjoyed their meal, they were free to take photos or dance or play UNO. The photo booth was booming with people. Friends and significant others gathered up to keep this memory. People at the UNO table really got into it and it was intense just watching them.

The dance floor was hot. We got some hype songs out there that really brought kids to pump up.

The Prom king and queen were selected by the high school vote. Everything went well and thankfully no one got hurt afterward.

As Prom is one of the last events hosted by StuCo, it is really sad but we are very satisfied to end the year on a good note.

Thank you to everyone that has come or helped us out.

By David Lee (HS Stuco historian)

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