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STEM fair!

Me, Connor, and Aiden we’re pumped about going to the STEM fair! Ms. Boettcher came too! We were in a minivan for around 2 hours but soon enough it got boring. So I thought of activities to do for a bit. We told stories, like adding on and on. Until we arrived at GIFS! We all we’re freezing but still jumping up and down. We all walked into the doors but got lost in the lobby but soon found our way. For a few minutes we looked around and Connor and me we’re making this joke I said “ I’m looking around seeing all these cool machines and at our tables was just a tinfoil tower and a computer.” We both started laughing but I was still proud of what we did. 

We got numbers written on our hands to separate our groups. “ Cool I got number 20.” I thought. Later we had a few minutes to introduce ourselves, My teeth were chattering because I was cold plus I was nervous. “Hi, I’m Yena.” I said stuttering, but soon I got to know all of their names except a few but just one girl I kept messing up her name and I’m so sorry! There was Noah, Jeff, Sophia, Yuhoo, Olivia and some other kids. Sorry if I spelled your name wrong or if I forgot!

Our first activity was to make paper airplanes and see whose model was the best and who threw it the furthest. I thought “ this is gonna be easy!” but then I couldn’t even fold it straight! But it ended up Jeff had one of the best models and was good at throwing so we all voted that Jeff should do it. Our second activity was making a bridge with a hundred chopsticks and one roll of tape. It was extremely challenging. Why? Well, the chopsticks weren’t stable and kept falling. It ended up our bridge could only hold 5 bean bags. 

Lunch! We sat down after those crazy activities and ate pizza! It was so delicious. Later I and Connor played at the playground and found this hill thingy with leaves and kept trying to push each other into it! And both played on the swings. 

Now it was the end of the day the teachers announced the winners and we all walked back to the minivan. Another 2-hour drive yay! Well soon everything turned pitch black. I woke up rubbing my eyes to see ourselves near the school. We all said our goodbyes and decided to sing Rudolph the rednosed reindeer for the last minutes we had, then we all headed to our buses. On the way back to my house I thought about our day. I thought this is gonna be one of my best memories.

By Yena Elliott
5th grade

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