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Our BFS Sharks from grade 3~12 recently participated in the 2017 SKAC Track and Field competition held at the Auxiliary Stadium adjacent to Sajik Stadium. 

Our Sharks came home with the following awards:

1st Place:  15 ribbons
2nd Place: 15 ribbons
3rd Place: 25 ribbons
We are very proud of all or our BFS Shark student-athletes who participated in this event. Equally, if not more important, is the fact that our students, coaches, and parents represented our school as great ambassadors for the BFS Shark school community. Everyone was awesome!  Our students and their coaches represented themselves and our Shark family with great pride and professional conduct.  We are confident that this positive growth and progress will enable our track and field program to compete well again next year, as well as in the future as our overall sports program strives to reach higher levels of success in pursuit of continual progress. 

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