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The 2017-2018 SKAC Spelling Bee took place on November 21 at Kwangju Foreign School.  BFS sent representatives from Grades 1-8 and it was a thrilling experience for all.  Our wonderful SHARKS performed extremely well under the watchful eye of 3 Spelling Bee judges and a very attentive audience.  
Our students learned how to handle their nerves under pressure and manage their emotions throughout the whole competition.  If you see any of the following students, be sure to congratulate them!
  • Grade 1:  Tyler Gamble and JunHo Lee
  • Grade 2:  Chloe Cho and Fitz Santos
  • Grade 3:  Ana Maria Anzola and Yena Elliott
  • Grade 4:  William Lee and Justin Han
  • Grade 5:  Tanvi Kumar and Elizabeth Kim
  • Grade 6:  Kirill Lee and Nathan Soumphonphakdy
  • Grade 7:  Stanley Cho and Charlize Santos
  • Grade 8:  Michelle Moon and Diana Lee

Well done, Spelling Bee SHARKS!

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