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BFS Activity Fair Helps Clubs Get Off to a Great Start

Article written by the BFS Yearbook Team

Busan Foreign School middle and high school students previewed nearly 20 BFS clubs at the third annual BFS Activities Fair.  Again this year, the fair was a combination of both student-led and teacher-led activity tables.

New student Nathaniel Hong-Mitchell (9) experienced his first activity fair and said, «The club fair was a good example to show individual club’s activity and purpose. I saw many students having interest in each club.»  Phoebe Lien (11) came to BFS last year but this was also her first activity fair. She said, «The activity fair was really interesting. It was good to see all of the clubs at BFS.»

Danil Sviridov (10) said that the fair was similar to past years but he is excited about the possibility of a BFS skiing or snowboarding club. Seojun Park (9) stated, “Clubs are an essential (part of BFS). There are a lot of clubs to join and i will join most of them.”

Vice Principal, Mrs. Harvey feels that BFS clubs are valuable because they allow students to make connections with the interests that they have in different subjects, get to know other students including those who are not in their grade.

BFS encourages all students to participate in after school activities.

These clubs and activities expand options for students to make new friends and learn skills that are not taught in class such as leadership, sports, and special skills.

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