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December 2nd was a day full of fun for the BFS middle schoolers! It was the day of the Middle School Winter Dance.

The middle school Student Council organized a dance party for the middle schoolers, but added a pinch of semi formality. All the students looked amazing! With tuxedos, dresses, and ties, everyone looked ready to start the dance!

The event started off with a game of Mafia, but in a Christmas version. The game consisted of Santas, elves, grinches, and children! In a dark room, the grinches stole gifts from the children while the elves and santas tried to find out who the Grinches were.

The next event was a game of Winter themed Charades! All the students acted out winter words like, wrapping a gift, or sledding while the other teammate tried to guess what the word was!

After all the activities, it was finally Dance Time! There was a mix of Just Dance and free dance. The students all united as one, and followed the dance moves on the screen. Solo dances, and duet dances. He middle school student council turned on trending songs like Juju on Dat Beat, and Lean and Dab, while adding some Christmas songs like Last Christmas!

To add a bit more fun, the middle school did the Mannequin Challenge! Everyone stood there, frozen while the teachers filmed. The Mannequin Challenge was a wonderful addition, and the video will soon be posted on the BFS homepage!

The Middle School Winter Dance was a blast, and the students had so much fun. They all became one caring group and danced to our favorite songs. Thank you to all Middle School students, and people who joined us for making the Student Council’s effort worth it!

By Esther Yang — MS Student Council

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