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What a busy day Thanksgiving Thursday was at BFS! despite the sudden drop in temperature, our Elementary students went on a “turkey trot”. They walked over 5kms all the way to the Jungian water reservoir and back and on their way stopped at the parent driven stations to build a paper cup tower, write a poem and even do some sports with push ups and jumping jacks!! enough to stay warm …

Many of our parents helped at the kitchen starting 8:30am. Even more parents joined us during lunch time for a Thanksgiving Feast. Chef Oscar outdid himself and our PTSO served everyone. All students were ecstatic with the pumpkin cakes topped with whip cream.

Finally, around 3.00pm the student council ran a Turkey bingo. How fun was to see our kindergarteners next to our seniors acting like turkeys to pick up their bingo cookies!!

Enjoy some pictures below and more at our 2016 Thanksgiving picture gallery.

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