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This year BFS held its annual talent Show on Friday may, 13th. Students, teachers and parents enjoyed over 20 acts of great variety (circus, classic music, singing, dancing, etc.) and participated in a final raffle raising funds for this year’s HS prom (compliments of the Park Hyatt Busan).

Some of the highlights of the evening were:

  • Mr. Lund dressed up as a cleaning lady
  • A gorilla throwing a tantrum an scaring more than one kid
  • A student heating up the gym by coming out of stage
  • Our Senior class performing a k-Pop remix for the entire audience
  • Sharky teaching the audience how to dance “Opa Gangnam Style”
  • A newly formed pop band
  • Several wonderful piano performances, saxophone ensemble, clarinet, violin
  • the list could go on an on …

BFS’ Got Talent!

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