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On Friday, October 14, students and staff celebrated Busan Foreign School’s 20th year of inspiring and nurturing learners.
Founder’s Day began with an opening from Student Council members Ricky Ahn and Daniel Kim, and principal Mr. Macfarlane, who welcomed the student body and invited poets from elementary to high school to present their poems about love for Busan Foreign School.
Soon after, students were assigned to various stations around the school in pre-assigned groups to engage in school-wide activities and games that the BFS Student Council undertook hours to plan and coordinate. Everyone participated in activities such as Duck Duck Goose, Minion Minion You Are Free, Sharks and Minnows, Running Charades, and Dodgeball, which took place simultaneously throughout the school on the field, in the gym, and in the auditorium. The concession stand provided by PTSO was also a vital part of the day, as Yuna Lee from 10th grade said: “It gave many exhausted students and student council members a variety of refreshment!”
The buzzing day of energy came to a close in the gym when the students and staff gathered in the gym to watch performances— lip sync battles featuring teachers Mr. Pynnonen, Ms. Boyle, Ms. Leland, and Ms. Wiehe, and two dances by the high school Student Council.
After the celebration was over, high school student council advisor Mr. Virgen asserted that this year’s Founder’s Day was the best one yet. He was thrilled at the flow of organisation in Founder’s Day, as many students claim too: Sophomore Yushin said, “Everything flowed so well, and all the games were so fun.”
The BFS community looks forward to the continued student- coordinated tradition that students and staff can await eagerly for every year.
Written by HS Student Council Historian Min Jeong
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