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Time goes fast! We are already over with the elementary soccer season!

The BFS Elementary Futsal team ended the season on a high note, bringing two teams to the SKAC Elementary Futsal Tournament in Daegu on October 21st, 2015. The “Hammerhead” Sharks, led by coach Lossiah compiled a 2 – 1 record, nearly advancing to the semifinals. The “Tiger” Sharks, although winless in their efforts, scored a couple of goals and had a great time at the tournament. BFS’s sister school, Gyeongnam International Foreign School, very graciously called the sharks the “nicest team” at the tournament.
The director of the tournament, Sarah Jolly (Athletic Director, Daegu International School), also noted increased levels of sportsmanship, in addition to the play on the field.
With a large contingent of 4th graders, and a couple of skilled 3rd graders, BFS is optimistic for an even stronger program next year.
by Blake Pynnonen

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