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Cheerful, energetic, and memorable: that is how the Busan Foreign School students describe the 19th Founder’s Day.

Prior to the Founder’s Day, the BFS middle and high school Student Council undertook countless hours of planning.

Kameron Dorsey is a third grader who is new to BFS this year. He enjoyed his first Founder’s Day, “We played tag, relaxed, shark and minions, minion you are free!”When asked about the planning of the BFS Founder’s Day, Ilya Kim the high school Student Council member replied, “Three weeks before the Founder’s Day, middle school and high school student councils communicated with each other and started brainstorming ideas and new ways the Founder’s Day games can be improved, in order to serve the BFS community in an effective manner.Chaeree Oh, a high school student quoted,  “At first I was not very enthusiastic about it, but later, I found myself actively participating.” Many other middle and high school students described the event as awesome and well planned.


The Busan Foreign School was founded on October 6th, 1996. Since then, BFS has been celebrating this date with big school-wide activities and games that all students can enjoy. In 2011, the BFS students took over the organization of the BFS Founder’s Day. From that moment, the students now coordinate everything with teachers and plan activities.


After Founder’s Day was over, the high school student council advisor Mr. Virgen reported that he had received many emails from teachers who were very impressed with the organization of the Founder’s Day. BFS founder’s day was fun. Sophomore Mary Fox agreed that this was a successful event, “All the games and activities student council had planned turned out great, and better than [I] thought they would be.”


One of the main goals of Founders Day is to bring together all members of BFS for one positive day of building relationships. Freshmen Elizaveta Zhuravleva felt that the goal was met, “Founders day was a nice way to communicate with friends and make new friends. It is also a way to feel a part of BFS, and show your school spirit.” Senior Jeong Min Park agreed, “This Founder’s Day, students and teachers alike came together to celebrate this joyous day. The students council worked very hard to plan and lead activities that everyone actively participated in. It was an exciting that we can all look forward to next year.


The BFS community is looking forward to participating in more activities in the next following Months, and students are curious what will be in store for the 20th BFS Founders Day.

This article has been written by the Yearbook Club

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