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On the 24th day of September, the middle schoolers headed off for a retreat to Tongyeong. They had a blast that day, eating lunch up on the mountain, viewing scenery from above, visiting the turtle ships floating on the ocean, playing games, and much more. One of the favorite parts of the retreat for the middle schoolers were staying in the huge hotel and eating sam-gyup-sal (pork) right before we headed to the marvelous hotel. The school also reserved a huge room for the middle schoolers to play games and have fun. Even though we couldn’t make it to the cable cars because of the strong winds, we headed for Plan B which was viewing the Turtle Ships of Tongyeong. Those ships were awesome with a glimpse of history in every window of the ships.

Thanks to the two tourists from Adventure Korea, we could understand why we were here in Tongyeong and learned lots of neat things about history there. Also the most entertaining part about the retreat was fishing. We all rode a boat to fish in the middle of the ocean and we saw different types of fish. After fishing, we headed for the Maritime Museum and took a quick look because everyone was so eager to go to the hotel! Everything went smoothly and the next day, we ate lunch from a buffet in the hotel and headed back to our school. Everyone went back to school, smiling, and telling each other their favorite event from the retreat. They begged the teachers for more fun field trips like this. It was such a blast, there is nothing else to talk about.

Written by MS Student Council Historian, Amy Jung


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