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As students returned to BFS after their summer break, some students felt as if they were reconnecting with their second family.  Sunny Kim (11)  has attended BFS for 11 years. She shares,

My impression of Busan Foreign School is a great big family. I’ve been at BFS for so long that I can’t think of a world without this school.”  

Trenton Soumphonphakdy (9)  is also happy to return for his second year at BFS,

“The feeling you get at Bfs is like a homecoming to school, and you are being welcomed from the teachers and your peers it’s full of love and we are like family here at BfS.”  

Amaya Anzola (11) is also in her second year at BFS and said,

“This small school in a big city allows for BFS to feel like a little hub of diversity, common interests, and community.”  

This supportive and friendly atmosphere at BFS allows students to meet their academic goals.  New student, Tony Bosko adds,

“My overall feeling of BFS is a good school that gets the job done. BFS has good teachers and intentions. BFS has a nice school and a nice learning environment for all students.”  

BFS wishes all students a wonderful school year. We are dedicating to helping them reach their academic goals while also having fun with their friends.

The teachers were supportive and many of the students were supportive as well. I’m glad that I came to BFS.


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