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On Thursday, April 20th, we had a great time hosting parents and the school community for our Learning Fair in the BFS gymnasium.

3rd through 5th grade students worked hard to prepare and present their engineering design projects.

They went through an extended planning process to research designs, create a building plan, and then adjust and modify their plan once they got access to tools and materials.  Students in 3rd grade used magnets to solve real life problems.  4th grade students created musical instruments that were capable of changing pitch and volume to show their understanding of waves.  5th graders created a water filtration system that is capable of removing dirt, oil, and chemical additives from fresh water as part of their study of Earth’s systems.

The hands-on experiences and designs made for lots of great conversations and we celebrated the end of the fair with a delicious ice-cream social courtesy of the PTSO.  Thanks to all of the parents who took part and celebrated their students’ engineering talents.

These students are amazing!

Mr.Hellman (Grade 5 teacher)


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